Cash Gift & Card - Jungle Leaves

Cash Gift & Card - Jungle Leaves
Send friends, family and colleagues a Personalised Message Gift Card with the option of a Cash Gift. Just select your choice of E-Gift Card or Mail Gift Card, the Cash Gift amount and a small message you would like added to the card.

E-Gift Cards can be emailed direct to the recipient or to yourself to pass on. They are printable. There is no delivery cost.

Mail Gift Cards are A6(150x105mm) size and can be sent direct to the recipient or to yourself to pass on. Please note, a domestic postal fee of $2.50 or $4.60 for international post applies at check-out.

There is a 5% service fee, this is included in the Cash Gift amount. The recipient will receive the full amount less the added service fee, for example, a Cash Gift of $50 will be transferred to the receiver less $2.50 for the service amount.

Custom Amounts
If you would like to gift a custom amount over $100, please contact us for this option.

International Transfers
Are you wanting to send a Cash Gift overseas? Please contact us for this option, note international money transfer fees apply as well as current exchange rates.

When we send the gift card to the recipient or to yourself, instruction is included on how to redeem the cash gift. Bank Account details and Photo ID will need to be provided by the recipient. Once a transfer has been made, we will send you confirmation, please allow up to 3-business days for bank to bank clearance.

If a Cash Gift is not redeemed within 30-days, it will be transferred or credited back to you less the service amount.
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CASH GIFTS: Can be purchased via our Credit Card facility or Bank Transfer (New Zealand Residents only). We do not hold onto Cash Gifts for any longer than 30-days, if the recipient does not redeem their gift, the cash amount (less service fee) will be returned to you via Bank Transfer or credited to your Credit Card depending on your form of payment. Notifications of cash transfers are sent to you on the day of transfer, please allow up to 3-business days for bank to bank clearance, this may be longer for International transfers.

LEGITIMACY: We are a New Zealand business operating for 5 years with locations in both Auckland and Rotorua. Please visit our Google Business Page, Facebook Page or see reviews against our products on our website from our many customers.

LEAD TIME: Please allow 3 - 7 business days for Gift Cards to be sent. Note, mailed cards are subject to postal delivery times unless a courier option is selected. Cash Transfer will occur within 3 business days of receiving confirmed Bank Account details from the recipient.


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