See below for the types of materials we stock. For any materials outside of what we offer, please enquire.


A layer of Polythene sandwiched between 2 thin sheets of Aluminium produce a strong, durable material for both interior and exterior use. 

Our stocked ACM colours are:

  • Gloss Black
  • Gloss White
Also available in a variety of other colours and finishes, please enquire.


Acrylic is a plastic material with glass-like qualities but with outstanding strength and durability. Acrylic is available in both gloss and matt finishes and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our stocked acrylics are:

  • Gloss Black
  • Gloss White

We produce our products from 3mm thick sheets. For thicker options please enquire.


This is a type of engravable plastic that has a core and a laminate top. The laminate top is engraved to reveal the core layer beneath. These plastics are durable, long lasting and give a higher-quality look than vinyl printed plastics.

Our stocked IPI products are:

  • Old Gold, Black, White

Sheets vary in thickness from 0.8mm to 1.8mm depending on required use.


We use a variety of sheet metals for signage and name plaques. The metal sheets are powder coated in black paint. We engrave through the paint to reveal the metal layer beneath. Fine for both interior and exterior applications. 

We stock the following:

  • Anodized Aluminium
  • Brass

Stock sheets for signage are 0.5mm thick.

Note, Anodized Aluminium is a coated aluminum for strength, weather and rust protected. It is exceptionally strong.